Sex Offenses

At the Law Offices of Benjamin Greene, we defend clients in Bakersfield and the Kern County area accused of sex offenses. America has experienced an enormous increase in the reporting of sex offenses in the last 30 years — this may be due to an increase in sex offenses occurring or perhaps because they are now reported more frequently.

The shame and humiliation of being accused of a sex crime is unique amongst all criminal cases. Inmates accused of sex offenses are targets of violence and predation by other inmates. They must be housed in special housing units, segregated from other criminal offenders. Their families are frequently ripped apart by the consequences of even unproven allegations. Unless it is very clear that the alleged offender’s spouse has cooperated fully and completely with law enforcement and can honestly and positively state that the alleged offender is guilty, Child Protective Services will take the children of the alleged offender into custody, regardless of whether they were involved in any way. Even if criminal charges are not filed, frequently the child dependency court requires alleged offenders to confess as a condition of regaining their children.

Every sex offense conviction bears a lifetime burden. The offender must register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. Failure to do so is a subsequent crime. Sex offenders, no matter how far removed from their conviction or how minor the offense, must bear a lifetime burden of discrimination, scorn, and even physical abuse.

If you even think that someone is accusing you of sexual misconduct, the first and most important rule is do not discuss the allegations with anyone except your attorney. Many times, suspects will make incriminating statements to the victim, relatives, friends, and law enforcement. These allegations are bombshells and you do not know who you can really trust under these circumstances. Many times, the burden of shame and guilt is so heavy that the offender just wants the release of confessing to someone. Remember, even counselors are required by state law to report any such confessions to law enforcement. If you are tempted to “get it off your chest” to someone, just remember that the sentencing penalties are harsh. Juries, judges, and parole boards take these crimes extremely seriously. You need to be honest with your attorney, but as to everyone else, simply respond to inquiries with a statement that you cannot discuss the matter, period.

An important tool in the defense of these matters is the assistance of an investigator. Frequently, law enforcement will fail to fully investigate these allegations. We regularly work with our own investigator, who can interview other family members and witnesses, often finding evidence that can rebut the prosecution’s evidence. There are many cases in which a plea bargain can be struck that can avoid sex offender registration and a felony conviction. If you are facing charges for a sex offense and need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact the Law Office of Benjamin R. Greene & Associates today for a consultation.