If you’re in need of a guardianship attorney, due to neither parent can adequately care for a child, or the child’s parents have died, often relatives, and friend move forward to help raise the child, to do this a legal guardianship must be obtained.

To obtain guardianship, there are several things that need to be provided:

  • Health and dental care
  • Shelter, clothing, and food
  • Safe environment
  • Financially capable

Benjamin R. Greene can provide the support needed while going through this complicated process. Handling the actual guardianship proceedings, or a termination of guardianship, requires a knowledgeable attorney. At the Law Offices of Benjamin R. Greene and Associates, our clients benefit from an experienced guardianship attorney.

Understanding your legal rights is extremely important, you’ll need the best representation during this process, from how to establish guardianship, to gain a temporary or emergency guardianship. Contact The Law Office of Benjamin R. Greene and Associates Today!