Family Law

Family Law

Choose a Compassionate Family Lawyer

Few areas of law demand the sensitivity and understanding that family law requires. At the Law Office of Benjamin R. Greene & Associates, our Bakersfield area family law attorneys are prepared to offer you the same unyielding determination and dedication so many of our clients have experienced. While we are compassionate, we are also tenacious.

How an experienced family attorney in Bakersfield can assist you

Family law mixes the complexities of legal procedures with elevated human emotions and concerns. As a result, when seeking legal aid, you need someone who is experienced in handling all family legal affairs.

Following are the ways an experienced family attorney can help you:

  • Divorce The end of a marriage may take place suddenly, or over the course of many years. Our attorneys understand the delicate issues that often lead to contested divorces and we are prepared to fight for you. Each of our divorce attorneys at our firm serving clients in Bakersfield has the substantial knowledge and experience needed to represent you.
  • Child custody. Many issues come into play when child custody is being granted. Our highly qualified lawyers are prepared to assist you in obtaining either physical or legal custody.
  • Visitation. Except in certain cases, visitation rights are usually granted to the parent who does not have primary custody of the child or children. However, issues like age, gender and history of abuse may affect your ability obtain visitation rights. The Delano family law attorneys at our law office have the expertise needed to handle matters involving visitation rights.
  • Support. Spousal and child support can be necessary to the survival of family members. The talented family attorneys at the Law Office of Benjamin R. Greene & Associates have handled many spousal and child support cases and have experience in dealing with the Department of Child Support Services. Consult a family attorney in the Bakersfield area if you have trouble obtaining spousal or child support.