Have an Experience Divorce Attorney Represent You

At the Law Office of Benjamin R. Greene & Associates, we provide experienced representation for clients in Bakersfield, Delano, Bakersfield and throughout Kern County, California involved in divorces. We have a distinguished reputation in the Bakersfield legal community because of our advocacy skill and commitment to resolving our clients’ family law concerns. Each divorce lawyer at our Bakersfield law firm is highly qualified and committed to serving you.

Let a highly trained divorce attorney in Bakersfield evaluate your assets

Financial questions have to be addressed directly and comprehensively to make sure your marital property is fairly divided. We also understand the need to work efficiently so that our clients’ assets are not wiped out by attorney’s fees. By performing a thorough investigation, a divorce attorney at our law office in the Bakersfield area can help ensure that you receive the best possible marital property settlement. First, we conduct a discovery process to identify your spouse’s assets. This can be difficult if a spouse does not disclose or purposefully hides his or her property—if necessary, we work with experts to investigate a spouse’s marital assets to ensure that all property, even hidden assets, is completely revealed.

A Bakersfield area divorce attorney at our law office can inform you that California is a community property state, meaning that all assets and properties acquired during the marriage are typically distributed equally between the spouses. Certain assets, however, will be considered the separate property of one spouse if he or she can show that these assets do not qualify as community property, such as certain gifts and inheritances. Classifying assets as separate or community property is a complex process requiring a detailed review of each spouse’s financial records. A Delano divorce attorney can perform this assessment in a timely manner. After all assets have been properly classified, they also must be accurately valued to ensure a fair and equal division between the spouses. Our Bakersfield divorce attorneys consult financial experts and appraisers for a complete grasp of the important financial issues involved in dividing property.

A divorce attorney can help you find a favorable resolution

After identifying and fairly valuing community property, spouses typically begin to divide their assets. As a Delano area divorce lawyer at our firm can explain, in many situations, spouses either negotiate an equal division of their properties, or one spouse will offer to buy out the other spouse with an equalization payment to compensate for a residence, business or other asset he or she wants to keep. When negotiating a distribution of assets, we advise our clients to consider long-term financial issues, including retirement planning and tax planning. California’s community property laws provide considerable flexibility for spouses seeking an amicable settlement.

Experienced divorce representation

If you are considering divorce or your spouse intends to file for divorce, you need prompt and comprehensive legal advice from a divorce lawyer or child custody attorney. Even before entering into divorce proceedings, an experienced family law attorney can provide you with valuable advice so that you keep a maximum amount of your assets.